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Dough Extruder

Dough Extruder in the Lavash production line

The Quintessential Dough Handling Solution

Farhat’s Dough Extruder stands out as a versatile powerhouse, seamlessly processing various types of dough while preserving their unique textures. This versatile machine effortlessly handles both soft and stiff doughs, promising consistent results and superior quality.

Guaranteeing Superior Dough Quality

Designed with multiple grooved rollers, the extruder ensures the dough’s cell structure remains undamaged, guaranteeing an outstanding dough quality that sets the foundation for exceptional bakery products.

Customizable to Cater to Your Unique Needs

The Dough Extruder offers several configurations and sizes, ranging from 200mm to 1200mm wide systems. You can adjust the dough sheet thickness from 10mm to 50mm, providing the flexibility to cater to specific bakery needs.

Efficient Dough Feeding for Streamlined Operations

Typically, dough is fed into the hopper from a dough delivery system, such as a star cutter feeding dosing hopper. The dough then passes through a series of grooved and shaped rollers (3, 4, or 5 depending on the extruder model), forming a continuous sheet ready for the sheeting system.

Easy Adjustments for Optimized Output

Thanks to the handwheel or touch screen options, adjusting the dough sheet thickness has never been easier. This convenience allows you to achieve the desired dough thickness and texture, creating the perfect base for your bakery products.

Crunchy Perfection
Authentic Fluffiness
Gluten-Free Delicacy
Crisp Excellence
Thin Mastery
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