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Flatbread, Pita, and Pizza Flexible Line

A versatile bakery system designed for easy switching between bread types via rotary die-cut cutter adjustments. Achieves dough thickness down to 0.6mm, handles up to 3,000kg/hr, and emphasizes hygienic design.



Discover our innovative Flatbread, Pita, and Pizza Flexible Line designed to optimize your bakery

operations. This versatile system allows you to produce various bread types with a simple change

in rotary die-cut cutters.

Versatility: Easily switch between different bread types with rotary die-cut cutter adjustments

with the capability of attaining a minimum dough thickness of 1mm and 0.6mm with a stretching


Capacity: The Flexible Line capable of handling up to 3,000kg/hr for high-volume production while preserving

the dough structure.

Hygienic Design: Emphasis on easy cleaning and maintenance.

Supplementary elements for a turnkey solution Include:

  • Cascade proofers
  • Topping systems
  • Seeding units
  • Spraying systems
  • High-temperature baking ovens
  • Spiral cooling conveyors
  • Stretching units
  • Folding units
  • Automatic stacking counting machines

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December 10, 2023

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