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Celebrating a Milestone in Baking Science: Thermal Characterization of High-Temperature Bread-Baking Ovens

Farhat Bakery Equipment is proud to announce our collaboration in a groundbreaking research article titled “Thermal Characterization of a High-Temperature Industrial Bread-Baking Oven.”

A Pioneering Collaboration:

This article represents a phenomenal achievement in the field of bakery science and engineering, carried out in association with:

  • Lebanese University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Roumieh, Lebanon
  • Oniris, Nantes Université, CNRS, GEPEA, UMR 6144, F-44000 Nantes, France
  • Lebanese American University, Department of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, Byblos, Lebanon

Access the Full Article Here: Thermal Characterization of a High-Temperature Industrial Bread-Baking Oven

Synopsis of the Research:

The study entails a comprehensive experimental campaign accompanied by the development of the first-ever three-dimensional numerical model for high-temperature bread-baking ovens.
 The prototype has appropriate temperature sensors to investigate temperature profiles at several points inside the baking chamber. A specific device is developed to measure the heat flux received by bread during baking,
The research also incorporates Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to model liquid fuel combustion and airflow inside the baking chamber.
This study provides invaluable insights into the thermal dynamics of industrial bread-baking ovens.

 Also, the insights gained from this study will be integral in developing future numerical models for flatbread baking coupled with large deformation.


  • The predicted temperature values are in good agreement with the experimentally measured
  • Innovative methods for measuring heat flux ranging between 6.6 and 29.3 kW/m^2 with higher values near the exit of the oven.
  • Temperature heterogeneity inside the oven between 450–1000 °C
  • Energy efficiency analysis revealing an efficiency range of around 16%

Significance for the Bakery Industry:

This paper is a landmark in understanding the complexities of high-temperature ovens, particularly those used for Lebanese bread baking. The learnings from this research provide the foundation for future advancements in oven design, energy efficiency, and bread-baking processes.

A Testament to Our Commitment:

At Farhat Bakery Equipment, we are continually driven by innovation and the pursuit of excellence. Our association with this project resonates with our ethos of providing high-quality, efficient, and technologically advanced bakery equipment. The insights derived from this study will play a crucial role in enhancing our already robust line of baking ovens, thereby promising even higher efficiency and quality for our esteemed clientele worldwide.

Fostering Industry-Academia Partnerships:

This publication underlines our dedication to not only provide top-tier equipment but also contribute intellectually to the field of bakery science. We extend our hearty congratulations to all collaborators and look forward to further contributions that advance the technology and processes in the bakery industry.

For any further queries or to learn how Farhat Bakery Equipment can be your partner in baking success, please feel free to contact us.

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