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Lavash Counter Stacker

Close-up of Lavash Stacking Mechanism

Advanced Counting and Stacking Mechanism

In the swiftly advancing domain of bakery technology, the Lavash Counter Stacker emerges as an avant-garde solution. Its unique counting and stacking capabilities set it apart, ensuring that bakeries can manage large volumes of lavash bread with precision and ease.

Modular Design for Diverse Production Scales

Recognizing the varied demands of modern bakeries, the Lavash Counter Stacker boasts a modular design. This feature permits alterations in the machine setup to accommodate fluctuating production scales, rendering it an optimal fit for both small artisanal bakeries and large-scale commercial operations.

Automation for Enhanced Productivity

The era of automation has ushered in unparalleled efficiency. The Lavash Counter Stacker integrates seamlessly with automated production lines, ensuring minimal manual intervention, reduced errors, and a significant boost in productivity.

Crunchy Perfection
Authentic Fluffiness
Gluten-Free Delicacy
Crisp Excellence
Thin Mastery
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Information On Lavash Counter Stacker

Technical Data, Advantages And Options​

Exploring The Lavash Counter Stacker

Inside Look And Detailed Views

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Crafted Baked Goods With Lavash Counter Stacker

Image showcasing freshly made Square Lavash, demonstrating the flawless results achieved with Farhat Bakery Equipment.

Square Lavash

Efficiently produce Square Lavash, a versatile and beloved flatbread, with the advanced technology of Farhat Bakery Equipment.

Image showcasing perfectly made Lavash bread using Farhat Bakery Equipment.


Produce perfect and thin Lavash bread with Farhat Bakery Equipment – delight in every bite.

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