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Farhat's Dough Docker
Specialty Bakery
Farhat Bakery Equipment

Dough Docker

Farhat’s Dough Docker Unit: A testament to precision, flexibility, and efficiency in dough docking. Enhance your bakery products’ texture and quality today.

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Close-up view of Pita Slicer, focusing on its precision cutting mechanism.
Bread Slicing and Cutting
Farhat Bakery Equipment

Pita Slicer

The Farhat Pita Slicer combines precision cutting with high-speed efficiency to deliver perfectly sliced pitas. With adjustable slicing thickness and a hygienic design, it’s an essential addition to any pita bread production line.

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Image of pizza bases, perfectly formed and ready for toppings, created using Farhat Bakery Equipment.
Farhat Bakery Equipment

Pizza Base

Deliver the perfect pizza experience with uniform and consistent pizza bases produced by Farhat Bakery Equipment.

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December 6, 2023

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